effective graphics design for marketing

Effective Graphic Design for Marketing

Let’s face it, you need effective graphic design for marketing successfully to your clients and potential customers. Your business depends upon a solid, reinforced, and consistent image as well as communication of your capabilities, products, and/or services. Your clients need to know who you are, and they have to trust that you will take care of their needs in a professional manner. 

An Effective Graphic Design Philosophy

An effective graphic design strives to understand your company’s strengths and targets your areas of expertise to successfully brand or expand upon your corporate identity. Your business is unique, and there are ways to identify and recognize areas where you are particularly qualified over your competition. We strive to be very effective in communicating your ideals and helping you stand out in the crowd.

Logo Designs and Marketing Packages

Effective graphic design often starts with your logo. Your company logo is the first stop in making an impression and setting your business apart from others. It identifies your brand with an image that needs to be both unique and communicative. A good logo is simple, draws attention, but doesn’t detract from the primary focus of your business. Some companies already have a great logo, but if yours needs a reboot, we can help.

website design redesign examples

Our graphic designers and illustrators have a breadth of design experience and can utilize both traditional drawing techniques as well as modern, computer-based design methods to create just the right image or logo for your brand or corporate identity.

Website Graphics & Supporting Materials

Form should always follow function, but not to the exclusivity of creating a design that effectively communications your brand and message. Our website design team works closely with our graphic developers to tightly integrate rich multimedia content into your web pages that garners attention and generates leads and sales. We also focus our efforts on your business’ target demographic to ensure that the design matches your customers’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

Online Advertising Design

Effective online advertising is a mixture of good marketing, creativity, and a experience. We work hard to ensure that your online advertisements, be they banners or PPC or something in between, are top-notch and attract the best possible ROI. Remember, the success of your online advertising is just as dependent upon the content as it is the venue.

Print Design

We still maintain that mailers and qualified print advertising is one of the best ways to market your products and services—when done correctly. It’s important to get the right message out to your potential clients and customers. CD Media designs graphics and advertising campaigns that are comprehensive, and then tests them to ensure effectiveness. Our branding, advertising and marketing designs are custom made to suit any number of marketing needs, including the following:

  • Marketing brochures
  • Annual reports or quarterlies
  • Online newsletters
  • Business cards and logos
  • Online ad campaigns and PPC (pay per click) messaging
  • Social media marketing and generating “buzz”