website design redesign examples

Website Design and Redesign

If you don’t have a website design strategy it’s going to be very difficult to succeed. You need to be nimble so that you can adjust or enhance your company’s attractiveness and effectiveness towards new customers by having a solid website design and marketing strategy. CD Media works with you to ensure that your website is not just a pretty brochure, but functions as a productive part of your business model. We work with you to ensure that your website has a tangible ROI that enables your business to grow and thrive.

When coming up with your website design or redesign, we ask specific questions (lots of them!) to make sure we get the complete picture and direction that we should take in designing the pages and structure that will help enhance your company and add to its bottom line. We do this in order to provide a streamlined work process, but it also helps us in determining website development costs and staying within your budget. Some of the concepts we’ll work with you on include:

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • What business need will it satisfy?
  • Who is the target market?
  • Who is your competition?
  • How are you addressing social media in your business?

Website Redesign with Form AND Function

Your website design should be planned from the user’s perspective, but executed from the business perspective. Form must always follow function, but only as part of a successful marketing and design plan that takes all of your needs and goals into consideration.


Every project needs a timeline and budget, and we strive to always stay within both. By working with you at the outset and developing a Requirements Definition document, you’ll ensure that everything needed for the success of your website and maketing development plan is taken into account before the majority of the budgeted work begins.

Website Marketing and Search Engines

Marketing and designing your website (or redesigning an outdated website) has got to be the first thing on your list, not the last. Even a successful service-run business can see dramatic improvements through the use of some online marketing. Your products and services can be effectively brought to the attention of your target audience, be they customers or commercial B2B clients. CD Media can work with you to develop effective marketing methods and materials such as:

  • Cross-promotion and banner advertising
  • Sponsored search engine positioning and PPC
  • Traditional marketing and print advertising
  • Development of mailers and brochures
  • Organic search engine placement