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Providing reviews of audio & video equipment as well as gadgets and home theater products, including AV receivers, loudspeakers, headphones, subwoofers, and more.

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Providing reviews of outdoor power equipment, including petrol and battery-powered landscaping tools, lawn mowers, and heavy machinery.

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For the construction professional and serious DIYer, Pro Tool Reviews offers professional tool & accessory reviews, product testing, and industry news to help Pros make great purchasing decisions for their company or workforce.

Online Marketing

Engage online audiences through creative, measured, and relevant product-based content. Then, keep them coming back for more.

Social Media

CD Media Publishing engages both consumers and B2B clients with social media coverage and exposure that’s authentic and influential.

Opt-in eMarketing

Join our network and give your products exposure to our targeted list of Pros—from tradesmen to business owners and decision-makers.

Trade Show Promotion

Help promote your products and services even more through dedicated and focused trade show/event editorial and social media coverage.

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What Sets Us Apart

Proven methods. Real results.

Our portfolio of Pro-focused online magazines presents an incredible opportunity to market your products and services to the very professionals who use your products. Whether tools, accessories, fasteners, or other materials, CD Media Publishing gets you in front of the people making purchasing decisions.

Monthly Pageviews


Opt-in Subscribers


Exposure across every device

Responsive, targeted, accessible

People are reading more and more on smart devices. CD Media Publishing delivers your content across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices in a way that optimizes and customizes the experience. In this way, we provide the best possible experience for people reading reviews, articles, and buying guides across all of our publisher networks.

You’ll thank us later.

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Measurable Results

Advertising and marketing should get results. Ours do, and those results can be measured and documented.

Social Media Domination

Whether paid or organic, CD Media Publishing understands social media platforms and the intricacies of each. Let us extend your reach to the very consumers you want to influence.

Video Background

Our professional in-house video production department can develop high definition video for reviews, trade show coverage, and Pro-to-Pro tips and tricks.

Get the Word Out

Part of every advertising plan includes branding your company, products, and/or services to the very customers you’re looking to reach.

Just-in-Time Product News

Working with our distinct publications gives you the ability to communicate new product announcements quickly and effectively to get the word out.

Opt-in eNewsletters

Each publication in the CD Media Publishing network has access to Pros through its opt-in eNewsletter list. Gain access to the very professionals you want to reach!

Magazine Style Reprints

At any time, our content can be reproduced in our magazine style reprints and leveraged as handouts at trade shows, media events, and other corporate functions.

New Product Announcements

Debuting a brand new product? Unleash the marketing power of the CD Media Publishing network to provide a third party perspective that Pros respect.

Online Giveaways

Promote your new products by participating in our social and site-wide giveaways. Marketed across multiple platforms and outlets, these serve to generate massive amounts of buzz and interest.

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