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Pro Tool Reviews

Tool Reviews for the Construction Professional

Pro Tool Reviews delivers tool, accessory, and fastener reviews for the residential and commercial construction markets. PTR is the leading publication, online or in print, for in-depth tool reviews. Built from the ground up for reaching professional tradesmen and business owners, Pro Tool Reviews has more than 425,000 monthly readers with more than 100,000 social media followers and over 25,000 opt-in subscribers to its twice-a-week newsletter.

Known for its incredibly thorough head-to-head tool shootouts and comparison, construction Pros look to the site for unbiased reporting and testing of the latest tools and tool accessories. For tradesmen starting out, PTR also provides excellent Pro Tips and articles designed to give the “new guy” a leg up as he begins his journey in the trades.

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OPE Reviews

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Tool Reviews for the OPE Professional

From lawn care to arborists, to Pros using heavy equipment, covers the outdoor power equipment you use every day. No matter if you spend your days cutting lawns, trimming trees, or moving earth, OPEreviews helps you know which tools will save you time and money. OPE Reviews not only provides head-to-head product testing, we also review the latest OPE tools, chainsaws, mowers, battery powered tools, and more—all to ensure that you understand which tools will get the job done. We reveal the true value leaders in the OPE industry. OPE Reviews is our newest property, and already has thousands of opt-in newsletter subscribers and reaches thousands of readers every month. It’s popular social media channels give us a leg up on Facebook, Instagram, and others.

For the lawn care or landscaping professional, OPE Reviews will help you with great reviews and articles to give you the inside scoop on best practices and new technologies. OPE Reviews also provides tips and tricks to explain new technology to Pros and those just starting out in the industry. Our Pro Tips help new landscapers and OPE professionals learn more quickly and advance themselves as professionals in their respected trade.

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AV Gadgets

Reviews and News for the Gadget & Tech Enthusiast

There are so many different tech, gadgets, and products on the market for consumers. This stretches from consumer audio and video to wireless and other tech. AV Gadgets covers projectors, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, home automation, and the all-encompassing realm of the Internet-of-Things (IOT). The site seeks to remove consumer confusion by providing consumer-focused reviews of the latest AV consumer gadgets.

Answering the questions that consumers and A/V installers pose, AV Gadgets features How-To articles, technology overviews, and industry editorials that address the latest surround formats, industry standards, and best-practices for setting up products. Addressing both the consumer with a small portable product focus and the professional home theater and whole-home A/V installer, AV Gadgets reaches your entire audience.

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