Our Marketing Capabilities

Effective Communication for Results

A Comprehensive Approach

Marketing is an art. Part science, part art, part persistence, our marketing capabilities involve a host of proven techniques. Taking a new product or idea to consumers requires excellent communication. It also requires an audience. The online magazines published by CD Media provide both. Through a combination of editorial placement, banner advertising, social media marketing, giveaways, and newsletter marketing, we can expose our readers to your new products and services.

Our editorial writing team takes special pride in communicating new product information clearly and concisely. Our marketing capabilities use processes which provide relevant product-focused information that appeals to Pros and consumers alike. As more and more consumers, tradesmen, and Pros seek ways to improve their work, our publications produce helpful content to lead the way.

Our marketing capabilities also include editorial content like How-To and Pro Tip articles. These allow our publications to reach out to new hires and entry-level tradespeople just learning their trade. Still building their tool arsenal and brand preferences, these are some of the most receptive consumers for this type of relevant content.

One of the most effective means of gaining immediate product recognition and feedback involves correct use of social media channels. Random and untargeted social media isn’t enough. The use of social media in a strategic manner can produce incredibly effective results—be that traffic, information collection, or sales. We focus particularly on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Visit our Social Media Services page for a more complete picture of what we offer in terms of social media exposure and marketing.

Product reviews do not intersect with advertising, however, the promotion of those reviews does. Since our websites are so targeted towards the professional, reviews take into account real-world use. When possible, as much objective data is gathered to help consumers and tradespeople make the best purchase decisions for their needs.

Rather than jump to single conclusions, our online magazines use these reviews to reveal how well tools excel in power, speed, run-time, ergonomics, features, and—of course—value.